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Gorgeous Telemark & South Norway

Fully Escorted Tour

Quick Facts

  • Duration: 10 Days
  • 2019 Departures: August & September
  • Cities Featured: Oslo, Rjukan, Nesflaten, Stavanger, Sandnes, Farsund, Dalen
  • Price: $3,930 per person*
* Based on Double Occupancy; May vary based on actual dates.

Tour Highlights

  • All Accommodations Are Historic Hotels
  • Maximum of 16 People per Group
  • The Finest Culinary Experiences
  • Highly Experienced Tour Directors and Local Guides
  • Tremendous Exposure to the Norwegian History, Culture, Folklore and Way of Life

Tour Overview

Explore the most beautiful corners of South Norway as part of a very exclusive group of travelers. Immerse yourself in a truly unique experience of discovery in one of the most beautiful countries on Earth.

Our Escorted Tours of Norway are designed with explorers in mind, not tourists. Every aspect of these tours focuses on travelers interested in understanding the essence of the country and enjoying the most authentic experiences that Norway has to offer.

Included in the Premium Package

  • 9 nights at historic (De Historiske) hotels with daily Scandinavian breakfast buffet for all guests;
  • The company and guidance of an experience Tour Director throughout the entire length of the program;
  • 9 authentic dinner experiences & 2 lunches;
  • All transportation required within Norway (private coach and ferry);
  • Several sightseeing tours and experiences showcasing the best gems of Telemark & South Norway, all led by experienced local guides;
  • All of our services: preparing and implementing your entire trip, addressing all your questions and taking good care of you while you are traveling, through our network of suppliers and our staff in the US.


  • Travel Insurance
  • Room Upgrade Package
  • Airport Transfers in Oslo and Bergen
  • Independent Extensions
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Tour Gallery:

Itinerary Highlights

Arrival in Oslo & Kick-Off Dinner

Tonight we mark the beginning of our tour with a wonderful dinner at our hotel, where you will enjoy meeting your fellow travelers and your Tour Director as well.

Welcome to your Norwegian adventure!


Heddal Stave Church & the Rjukan Valley

Telemark, here we come! After a wonderful breakfast we depart from the hotel toward the magnificent Heddal Stave Church, the largest one in all of Norway. The church was originally built in the 13th century, but a restoration was necessary in the 1850s and a second one took place 100 years later, in the 1950s.

After a guided tour of the church and a stop for lunch, we will proceed to our next destination: Rjukan, situated at the heart of many highly relevant historical events from the World War II days. There, we will check in into a historical hotel and proceed onto other activities and sightseeing. We wrap up the day with a delicious group dinner at the hotel.

MAIN ATTRACTIONS: Tour of Heddal Stave Church, Ride the Gaustabanen

ACCOMMODATION: Rjukan Admini Hotel B&B

WWII History in Telemark

Today we dive into a key chapter of WWII history which took place right here: the heavy water plant sabotage, an act of bravery which stopped the Nazis from developing nuclear weapons. Guests will have the opportunity to hike - under the guidance of a local expert - the same route taken by the team of Norwegian saboteurs, visit the power plant attacked (now converted into a museum about the event), cross the inside of a mountain on an electric train and admire gorgeous views of the Rjukan valley from atop the mountain.

MAIN ATTRACTIONS: Guided Saboteur’s Trail, The Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum, Ride the Krossobanen

ACCOMMODATION: Rjukan Admini Hotel

18th Century Norway, Minimalism & Incredible Views

After breakfast, we depart from Rjukan and drive through the mountains to reach our next destination, the municipality of Sudal. There we will visit an 18-th century farm, now a collection of 13 buildings protected by the National Directorate of Cultural Heritage. From there, a short drive will take us to the village of Nesflaten, where we will spend the night at an architectural marvel: a hotel of minimalistic decor where the surrounding nature is responsible for all the beauty entering the bedrooms. In Nesflaten we will also join a very unique guided tour to learn about the local infrastructure and listen to fascinating folkloric songs and tales. Once again, the evening will be concluded with a delicious meal.

MAIN ATTRACTIONS: Visit to the Litunet Open-Air Museum, Tunnel Song – Telemark Infrastructure & Folklore

ACCOMMODATION: Energihotellet B&B

Charming Stavanger

In the morning we leave Nesflaten toward modern and elegant Stavanger, Norway's fourth largest city (in population). There we will enjoy lunch, some free time to walk around (perhaps some shopping?) and learn the city's history and secrets on a guided tour with a local expert. From there a very quick drive will take us to serene Sandnes, where we will spend the next two nights at the very charming Kronen Gaard Hotel.

MAIN ATTRACTIONS: Walking Tour of Stavanger

ACCOMMODATION: Kronen Gaard Hotel B&B

Immersed in Norwegian Nature / The Pulpit Rock

Today we will have the opportunity to spend a day in Norway experiencing activities which are very much enjoyed by the locals, ways to connect to nature, culture, and history. In the morning we will visit a farm from the 1800s and develop an understanding of how daily life happened, then. From there we develop an appetite while ascending to the top of Dalsnuten, where we will be rewarded with amazing views and a very authentic lunch experience. We, then, return to our hotel and further immerse ourselves in pure tranquility as we explore the hotel's surroundings on a canoe. Dinner at the hotel will find us refreshed and re-energized.

ALTERNATIVE: a full-day hike to the Pulpit Rock is available as an optional tour, today.

MAIN ATTRACTIONS: Trip to Bakernes Paradis Followed by Lunch at Dalsnuten and Leisurely Canoeing

ACCOMMODATION: Kronen Gaard Hotel B&B

Cruising the Lysefjord & Beautiful Lighthouses

One cannot visit Norway and not get a taste of the fjords, so before leaving from the Ryfylke area, we cruise the Lysefjord ("Fjord of Light"), one of the most famous fjords in the country. After the delightful experience, we continue heading south, eventually reaching the town of Farsund, a place chosen by many Norwegians as their summer vacation spot. In the area, we will visit the Lindesnes lighthouse, which marks the southernmost tip of Norway, among many other gems.

MAIN ATTRACTIONS: Lysefjord Cruise, Farsund, Lista & Lighthouses


More WWII History, Stave Churches & Dalen Fairytales

Before leaving Farsund we explore another one of its treasures, the Nordberg Fort, built by the Germans during World War II. After that, we head north again, back to the heart of the Telemark region, toward the fairy-tale-like Dalen Hotel, with its beautiful gardens and exquisite architecture.

On our way to the hotel, we visit Eidsborg Stave Church, one of the best-preserved stave churches in Norway. It is estimated to date between 1250 and 1300.

MAIN ATTRACTIONS: Guided Tour of Nordberg Fort, Tour of Eidsborg Stave Church


Telemark Canal, a Marvel of Engineering

Today we discover the Telemark Canal, yet another area full of culture and Norwegian history. Along the way we will experience the canal's lock system, a marvel of engineering, with the locks still kept just as they were made, more than 125 years ago.

One of the highlights is Vrangfoss, the largest lock system in the Telemark Canal. It consists of 5 chambers with a total height difference of 23 meters, which takes approximately 45 minutes to cross. The facility lies in a beautiful park with historical buildings. It is the perfect place to experience the locks and learn more about the unique history of the canal.

MAIN ATTRACTIONS: Telemark Canal Cruise


Tour Conclusion

After a delicious breakfast we conclude our program.

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